Szenen aus dem Theaterstück "Unentdeckte Nachbarn": eine Frau liest die Zeitschrift "Katze", daneben steht eine Flasche Sekt; zwei Männer spielen mit einer echten Puppe, die wie eine Frau aussieht; ein Hipster auf einem Fahrrad.

The investigation of the NSU crimes follows the narrative of uncovering something that was previously undiscovered – despite the fact that both the perpetrators and the victims of the murders, bombings and robberies lived and are still living in the immediate neighbourhood. What was seen, what wasn’t – and why? Who was listened to, who was given a voice and an opportunity to speak, and who wasn’t? Who defines the current narrative of remembrance and who doesn’t play a part in creating it? The panel wants to take a closer look at and debate these dynamics of visibility/invisibility, of the heard and unheard, of the spoken and unspoken.