Ausstellungsansicht Ausstellungsansicht mit Banner und Protestschildern im Hintergrund Exhibition view with banner and protest signs in the background

In the Open Process (Ongoing Process) project, formats are being developed for addressing the issue of the NSU in Saxony. The goal is to present the complex topic in a way that is understandable and emotionally appealing to a broad audience. The project promotes social examination of the NSU case and sees itself as a contribution to the commemoration of the victims of the NSU.

In addition to the Open Process exhibition, which creates a space for remembering, researching and archiving, the project Open Process has already been working for years on the creation of a documentation center regarding the NSU complex in Saxony. Furthermore, we are developing formats to permanently integrate the topic into the school curriculum and we conduct educational trips and research projects.

Open Process connects existing reappraisal initiatives and incorporates their long-standing work. The project is a contribution to a living memory that raises awareness for the perspectives of those affected by right-wing violence and illuminates the continuities and conditions under which right-wing terrorist structures developed.

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