Menschen, die zu zweit auf Stühlen sitzen und in einer großen Halle miteinander reden. Sie sind einander zugewandt, während sie sprechen.

„Speed Dating of Cultures“ event. Photo: Sebastian Sellhorst

The project Open Process is developing formats for the creative and scientific reappraisal of the NSU in Saxony. In the project, two educational trips to Dortmund (2019) and Nuremberg (2020) were carried out and two research projects at the TU Chemnitz and TU Dresden were implemented in cooperation with artists. Furthermore, a Critical Walk in the former Fritz Heckert area was developed together with students and conducted numerous times, the handbook „On Learning and Unlearning – A Handbook of Methods for a Critical Reappraisal of Racism in the NSU Complex“ was written and published and four films were produced with people who have been victims of right-wing violence in the 1990s. Last but not least, the exhibition Offener Prozess was conceived, produced and opened in 2021.