We are looking for a web designer for our project re:member the future from 8 May, 2023 to do preliminary sketches and draft the technical requirements necessary for the development of a digital place of remembrance for the victims of the NSU complex.

Your tasks

  • Conducting preliminary research:
    • on the different ways digital and participatory remembrance projects can be implemented as well as developing a project proposal that includes an  assessment of the prospective budget
    • on the possibilities of implementing digital and cooperative places of remembrance
  • Development of two exemplifying design prototypes of a remembrance place to be used in the concept as well as visuals for social media and print products
  • Writing a ten-page text by June 19, 2023, describing the following aspects of the future place of remembrance:
    • Technical and artistic features and challenges of such a place
    • Mixed interaction of digital and analogue reality
    • Costs of implementation
    • Which online platforms are suitable for hosting the site (they should be accessible from all devices and be fitted for group interactions)
    • What are the options for using augmented reality applications via a browser in a manner that is as user-friendly as possible and accessible from all devices/operating systems?
    • What technical conditions need to be met for creating an environment suited for educational work in the digital remembrance place? And which tools should already be integrated (online learning settings, collaborative design options)?
    • How can existing social media platforms be used or integrated? 

The ten-page concept will be published as part of the overall concept for the implementation of a place of remembrance in Chemnitz. The following questions will be addressed within the overall concept:

  • What is the NSU complex and what are its connections to Chemnitz?
  • Why is a place of remembrance needed in Chemnitz?
  • What does “remembrance as political practice” mean?
  • What requirements should a place of remembrance meet in terms of subject matter and material resources?
  • How can the artistic competition and the selection process be organised? 
  • How can learning formats and educational activities be incorporated into the place of remembrance?

The contents and research findings of the overall concept can be used during the work colaboration. The concept will be handed over to the city of Chemnitz as a recommendation for a tendering procedure for implementation.

What you bring to the table (not everything has to apply)

We would like to have a diverse team in which different experiences and perspectives are represented. We expressly welcome submissions from black people, people of colour and people with a migration history. 

  • Degree/qualification in information design, visual communication, media technology, media design, game design, art or similar work experience.
  • Experience in participatory media development
  • Experience in digital education/mediation work
  • Basic knowledge of the NSU complex, as well as of migrant and anti-racist resistance practices
  • Knowledge of interdisciplinary, multi-perspective and inclusive memory work
  • High sensibility to diversity

What we offer

  • flexible working hours
  • remote working and, if required, a workplace in a very well-equipped office with a feel-good atmosphere at the foot of Chemnitz’s Sonnenberg. The office is on the first floor of an old building without a lift, therefore accessibility for people in wheelchairs is unfortunately not possible.
  • cooperation with another project staff member and the project management of the association ASA-FF e.V. in Chemnitz.
  • work contract amounting to 2.500,00 €

About the application process

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the project, please contact remember-future@asa-ff.de. If you are interested in this job offer, please send your application (cover letter, one-page motivation letter, relevant references) to remember-future@asa-ff.de by 07.05.2023 at the latest. The decision will be made on 08.05.2023.

Please note that by submitting your application, you also consent to the electronic processing of your personal data until the end of the application process.

About re:member the future and ASA-FF e.V.

re:member the future is a project for the conceptualisation of a place of remembrance in Chemnitz for those affected by the NSU right-wing terror. More information at: https://offener-prozess.de/remember-the-future/

The ASA-FF e.V., a non-profit association based in Chemnitz, is a network for global learning that aims to influence social discourses and dynamics with the means of art and culture, and to communicate these from an artistic perspective. More information about the association and the team at: https://www.asa-ff.de