Photo: Alexandra Gerhardt

In 2021, Hannah Zimmermann and Martina Klaus published the methods manual “Vom Lernen und Verlernen – zur rassismuskritischen Aufarbeitung des NSU-Komplex” (On learning and unlearning – coming to terms with the NSU complex in racist-critical ways) as part of the Offener Prozess project under the auspices of ASA-FF e.V. and in cooperation with Courage-Werkstatt für demokratische Bildungsarbeit e.V. (NDC Saxony).

Using different methods that focus on (post-)migrant, activist and academic perspectives on the NSU complex, we offer workshops for different target groups and can adapt the content, length etc. to suit the target group and respond to individual wishes for workshop implementation.

Topics of the workshops can be:

  • Doing memory – remembrance work on the NSU complex.
  • Who were the victims of the NSU complex? – Chronology of the NSU complex
  • Continuities of right-wing terror in Germany
  • The lives of migrants in the GDR and after reunification
  • Taking a stand – possibilities of action against ideologies of inequality and discrimination

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