The small version of the exhibition Open Process can be visited until 15 July at the Theater Variabel Olbernhau and at the Alte Brauerei Annaberg, as part of the Erzgebirge and the NSU Complex programme. The exhibition is dedicated to the issues surrounding the NSU complex, based on the premise that the social reappraisal is far from over. To this end, the exhibition starts from the East German reality, especially in Saxony, to tell the story of the NSU complex . This story follows migration stories and is determined by the continued right-wing and racist violence as well as by opposition to it.

As in the other cities where the mobile multimedia exhibition has been shown – Chemnitz, Hoyerswerda, Berlin, Leipzig etc. – we are offering free guided tours. These can be booked at The main topics of the tour as well as the language can be adapted to specific target groups and individual needs upon request. The educational program is a pedagogical tool to better explain the contents of the exhibition to the visitors.

On June 20 and July 5, open tours will take place at the Theater Variabel Olbernhau at 7 pm and 4 pm respectively. You can register for these at the same email address:

Contact person: Valentina Nicolae