Critical Walk in the Fritz Heckert area. Photo: Irène Mélix

What is a Critical Walk?

One of the projects of the Open Process is the Critical Walk through the Fritz Heckert area. The district walk is dedicated to the architectural, social and political history of the area. One thematic focus is on the district as a place of residence, networking space and crime scene of the NSU. We will visit the specific places where the NSU network lived and committed crimes. Together with the participants, we will approach the questions of how the NSU network was anchored in Chemnitz and how a locally linked reappraisal can look.

During the approx. two-hour city walk in the former Fritz Heckert area, the participants will receive information at various stations about the following topics, among others:

  • the architectural and social history of the Fritz Heckert area
  • the effects of the post-reunification period and right-wing hegemony on the residential area
  • biographies of the victims of the NSU complex
  • NSU connections in the Heckert area and right-wing persistence to the present day
  • Coming to terms with the right-wing terrorist acts of the NSU complex
  • Remembrance work in Chemnitz on the victims of the NSU

The Critical Walk was developed by the project “Offener Prozess” (Open Process) in cooperation with the Trafo History Workshop, the urban sociologist Dominik Intelmann, and students and lecturers of the seminar “doing memory – historical social space explorations and memory work in the former Fritz Heckert area”.

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