Gastarbeit (lit. Guest Work)/ Vertragsarbeit (lit. Contract Work) Guest Work/Contract Work & Inventory/ Inventory 2021 – What has changed? 

Online Artist Talk, Frieday, 7 pm live on facebook. Moderation: N. Buket Cengiz


Želimir Žilnik is a Serbian filmmaker and director of Inventur. In 1975, the residents of Metzstraße 11 in Munich introduce themselves to the camera in the stairwell. In this setting, Žilnik transforms the stairwell into an intimate as well as collective space of encounter.
The artist and lecturer Pınar Öğrenci, who lives in Berlin, has a background in architecture that influences her poetic and experimental video works and installations that accumulate traces of ‘material culture’ related to forced displacement across geographies. Her work for the exhibition “open process” is a remake of Žilnik’s film Inventur shot in Munich in 1975 this time set in the former East German city of Chemnitz.
In conversation we discuss both the continuities and changes in the realities of the lives of guest workers and contract workers in relation to Inventur 2021.