Information about the exhibition

The exhibition Offener Prozess is dedicated to the NSU complex. She takes the East German reality, especially in Saxony, as a starting point to tell a story of the NSU complex that starts from the migration stories and the continuities of right-wing and racist violence and resistance to it. With the approach of a “living memory” she moves marginalized perspectives into focus. In addition, it targets structural and institutional racism. Artistic contributions by Harun Farocki, Hito Steyerl, belit sağ, Želimir Žilnik, Ulf Aminde, Forensic Architecture and many more are dedicated to the realities of guest workers, migration stories, everyday life in Germany and right-wing terrorist violence such as everyday racism. Activist initiatives remember those who have been victims of this violence and are the loud voices of those who oppose it. Listening is understood here as a political practice, remembering as a process. This exhibition calls for action.

Offener Prozess in the theater

As part of the theater project Kein Schlussstrich, the exhibition will go to numerous theaters in autumn. The exhibition will be available as a smaller version consisting of 9 artistic works, a chatbot (messenger service) as well as the possibility of accessing the contents of the web exhibition and an interactive map in 12 theaters. Including Chemnitz, Cologne, Hamburg, Dortmund, Rostock, Heilbronn, Plauen / Zwickau, Eisenach, Nuremberg, Kassel, Weimar and Saalfeld.

Education program

For mediation in the smaller exhibition variant, mediators from theater and civil society are invited to come to the digital mediation workshop with Ayşe Güleç and Juliane Phieler on July 3rd, 2021 from 1:00 till 5:30 PM.

Cost: none


  • Mediation in the exhibition for booked groups
  • If necessary, implementation of ready-made workshops with school classes


To register, we need your name, age, languages in which you are able to hold a workshop and the associated theater.
Please send this data to: